Succulents & Flowers Potscaping

Sunday, November 15, 2020

It is always great to start new projects and even better, to have the opportunity to be free to create something different for my clients. Vanessa Ramirez founder of Victory Accident Solutions LLC,  a local Personal Injury Lawfirm, reached out for help for her private event taking place in Paradise Valley this past November 12th, 2020.

Vanessa wanted something where it could serve the purpose of a Centerpiece, as well as Souvenieres with Spanish flare for her clients to enjoy, and I came up with Potscaping + Floral Design alternative for her.

These live arrangements are composed of succulents, cacti, kalanchoes and floral accents in assorted sizes of terracota pots with white pebbles and moss for a final touch. They are excellent souvenieres by itself, and fun centerpieces when clustered at the table.  

If you are looking for Environmentally friendly & smart souvenieres for your special event, don't forget to consider this option and let us know if you need help putting it together and delivery.

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