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Verb. Kunna / Swedish
  1. can, to be able to
  2. to know, to have as knowledge
  3. to know, to understand
  4. to know how to do

Welcome! My name is Karla Mundy, founder of Künna by Karla. Thank you for visiting me; I am excited you are here today! Let me show you how great your home, business or special event can look with my help.

You might be wondering...

What can I do for you? I can do it all when it comes to your Styling needs. I have been blessed with a creative mind, talented hands for DIY projects and savvy shopping skills, making me a unique one-stop Event Planning & Styling Consultant shop.

I specialize in Events & Seasonal Styling, Custom Made and Handcrafted Novelty items for private residences and local businesses. Please take a glimpse of my work, and allow me to be your extra set of hands to make any occasion memorable.

Lets get started!

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