Sentimental Plaid Christmas

Friday, November 20, 2020

We had the pleasure to set up a Sentimental Christmas Tree at the Ratnams's home for the first time this year! Angela had reached out to ask for assistance setting up her tree several weeks ago, and during our initial meeting to asses her Decor, she expressed how she would love to finally see displayed her eclectic collection of Ornaments, since they had been left out for years by previous Decorators.

Angela had collected a wide variety of ornaments over the years, that ranged from Stockings, plush Polar bears, Santa's, Snowman's, Woodland denizens, hand made ornaments done by her daughter to a mix of colors which challenged creating a cohesive design. However, I suggested the addition of a patterned ribbon to allow incorporate the different ornaments and a second burlap red ribbon to create a warm, cozy Christmas Tree.

At the end of the service, Angela was pleased to finally see her beautiful collection come together and displayed in between her Dinning Room & Living space. I am certainly happy to know I delivered what she was asking for and looking forward to continue visiting her home during the Holidays.

Thank you once more Angela Ratnam for welcoming me into your home and hope you have an amazing time during the Holidays surrounded by your Family.

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