Max's 15th Birthday Pawty

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

This year we celebrated my most beloved pup Max's 15th birthday. I rescued him in Mexico when he was 2 years old and looking for a new home, after his previous owners believed it was too much work to deal with his high energy levels. It was hard to not fall for him within the first few minutes of meeting him. He was a sweet, shy, nervous and scared pup. I couldn't help to care for him immediately and became his new mom.  

Now, over 13 years later we are a Family with my husband Alex, and even when we pamper him every single day, after a lifetime of unconditional love and support I wanted to Celebrate him with the ones that are part of our lives today. For this day I created a dog size Kissing Booth which everyone loved, doggy print bandanas for all our furry friends to wear, treats like rawhide bones, balls, bacon bites, bacon strips, milkbones, among many other treat options, and couple of big galvanized buckets with fresh cold water. We had fresh brewed Krispy Cream Americano coffee and Donuts for humans too. It was a blast!!

Thank you Ranger, Kiko, Brooklyn, Julia, Migo, Tucker, Charlie, Aura, Jack, Luciano, Mortimer, Thor, Rosco, Lily, Zoe, Goofy, Sisi, Bloomberg, Fred and everyone else for making the time to come and celebrate Max's 105 years of life. Cheers!

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