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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Are you running tight on time to shop for a Special Event or Seasonal Decor? Are you second guessing if what you are considering buying will look good with what you already have? Are you tired of the same old stuff and don't know where to begin shopping? Whatever your reason, Künna By Karla has you covered!

Künna By Karla understands that each client is different, that is why we have options for you:

One Hour Styling Consultation Service - For those who are at square one, uncertain of what you'd like or how to go about it and need guidance. This service is $75/hr. 

Decor Shopping Services -  For those who have a clear idea of what they want, but would love extra help with the shopping. This service is $50/hr and required 3 simple steps to follow: 

STEP ONE: Reserve a one hour Time and Date to meet at your Home or Business to discuss your needs, assess the Space and current state of your Holiday Decor.
* You will receive a link to a Decor Styling Questionnaire soon after confirmation of the meeting.

STEP TWO: Complete the short Decor Styling Questionnaire to setup a Shopping Guide prior to meeting. Be as thorough as possible in your answers. The more detail you provide, the more we are able to create the Ultimate Accent and Decor that suits your style best!

STEP THREE: During our on-site meeting, we will review the Decor Styling Questionnaire, brand preferences and the budget (most important!).

Payment: At the on-site visit, a $75 payment is required for the first consultation hour, along with a 50% deposit of the estimated budget. The remaining budget and any additional hourly consultation fees are due once items have been delivered. Any budget changes will be discussed prior to incurring additional cost.

Ready, Set, Lets Shop!

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