Shout-Out Essential Workers

Friday, March 05, 2021

Wheather you are a checkout operator, firefighter, nurse, courier driver, teacher, cleaning crew, cook or whatever! If you are heading to work for any essential work so we have services and products, Künna by Karla wants to THANK YOU for all your hard work and sacrifice during these unprecedented times!

Essential Worker (n) Definition: A superhero without a cape. See also: MVP.

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic started, many Essential Workers have had to work countless hours, wear uncomfortable Personal Protective Equipment, have been apart from their family in order to keep them safe and even worked every single day until today so we can overcome these difficult times. 

If you know of someone you would like to give a "Shout-Out" Floral Mug as a small token of your appreciation and recognition of their hard work let us know! Künna by Karla offers you assorted Shout-Out mugs at $40 dlls to help cheer that special someone.

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