Intimate Wedding Celebration

Saturday, December 26, 2020

When Alex and I first got married back in July 25th 2015, we faced many difficulties to make that day happen. Mainly, because we were in a long distance relationship, living in different countries, had different Cultural & Religous backgrounds and on top, we were having to deal with Immigration. 

That alone, basically set the tone of How and When our Wedding Day would happen because everything depended on getting the K1 Visa approved. There was no point on planning in detail our wedding since getting approved could take anywhere between 6 to 18 months or more! Our application kept getting delayed which made it harder, but finally after 18 months we got the Visa approved in May 2015.

After the long wait, things happened relatively quickly. Within 2 weeks I had resigned at work, did proper arrengements to move into a different country, packed the essentials and planned an Engagement Party. Despite all of it being exciting it was also exhausting and that was only the beginning of the real deal: The Wedding Planning.

Like many future Brides I wanted everything to look beautiful but, at this point honestly, we had to be practical due to Immigration time constraints. All I cared about was to marry Alex so certain details became trivial. Having a clear vision of the Style I was going for made it simple but I believe what helped the most, was having a laid back attitude during the planning process and let go of the things I had no control over. Within 45 days we had planned a 130 guest wedding and all there was left to do, was to hire a Day of Coordinator to ensure everything was executed as planned.

Despite having an awesome Non-Denominational Wedding back then, the one thing that I couldn't let go as time passed, was that because of timing and being a Mixed Religious couple, we weren't able to celebrate a Catholic Wedding like I always dreamed about. Who knew tho, that during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most world-wide challenging times and 5 years into our marriage, we would have the opportunity to do so.

Alex and I seized the opportunity, dust off my old Wedding Gown and basically Renewed our Vows during our Church Wedding in the same Church my parents got married 39 years ago, at Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Fatima in Los Mochis Sinaloa Mexico, on December 23rd, 2020.

Back in 2015 we celebrated a Summer Wedding. This time, we were looking for a Winter Wedding after we believed it was convenient trying to schedule it during Christmas so the family would already be together. That only meant we would have to make a few adjustments attire wise to look more season appropiate. With the help of Dorota Agackl the seamstress, she altered my old gown using the shorter veil I used before to add sleeves. In regards to my handsome Groom, he wore the same suit pants, belt, shoes and tie, although got him a new Shirt & a classic Ted Baker velvet jacket. We both were good to go and within budget!

In regards to the Style of this ocassion,  I decided I wanted to do something more dramatic... Moody! My Hair & Make Up consisted in neutral smoky eyeshadow, a deep red lipstick and wavy hair down. For my Bouquet, a perfect mix of Freedom, Amnesia and Coral Reef Roses, White lisianthus, Burgundy Amaranth, a variety of Eucalyptus and a touch of Tree Fern. For Alex, a single Freedom Rose in his pocket.

After the traditional Catholic Ceremony, a string duet join us outside the church to walk back to my Parents home where we would then celebrate over an intimate Dinner while enjoying Alejandro Magallanes on the Violin along with a beautiful Chello and a Pianist.

Once back at my parents, we headed to the backyard where we had an imperial table set up for dinner. The floral arrangements complemented my Bouquet. A mix of Freedom, Amnesia, Coral Reef and White Roses, Green and Burgundy Amaranth, a variety of Eucalyptus, Cedar leaves, a touch of Tree Fern and Dusty Miller. The tablescape consisted in a natural moss runner, dramatic Black candles, Black & Gold tableware and Cristal glassware achieving the look I was hoping for. Did I mention before I designed the floral arrangements myself?

For Dinner we had an amazing culinary experience with Chef Jesus Quetuto Ibarra and for Dessert a chocolate Naked Cake from Bertis Ortegon.

I am proud and blessed to have had the help and support of my family to make that day come true. It was of great help having my brothers hang some of the floral arrangements and bring the piano out into the backyard, my sisters helped with floral prep work and setting the table, Dad helped do errands, Mom  helped staying up late with me for a couple of nights to have everything ready. In other words, if it wasen't because they all pitched in those 3 days prior, I would have no time to do the Trash the Dress photoshoot the day before (which is usually after haha, but the photographer needed to be with his family for Christmas of course!) and pamper myself a little bit before the big day.

Although at the end, there was a bittersweet feeling because we couldn't celebrate with all of our loved ones due to COVID-19 safety restrictions, we were happy we were able to make the most out of this time celebrating our love and commitment for eachother.

Photography by Jorge Romero

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