Wedding Rehearsal FAQ

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What is a Wedding Rehearsal?
The Ceremony Rehearsal is a run-through or "wedding practice" a day or two before the big Wedding Day. Depending on the size of your wedding party it can take from 30 minutes to as long as 1.5 hours. Ideally we would like to have all of the bridesmaids, parents of bride and groom, along with the DJ or live musician, although is always possible that some wedding party members, might be getting in to town later, etc.

Why do we need a Wedding Rehearsal?
The purpose of the rehearsal is to make sure everyone in the wedding party knows exactly Where to be, What order to walk in, and When. Once everyone has arrived, we introduce everyone, and it is explained to your party that during the Wedding Day, I, Karla Mundy, will be the point person for the day. This is done so it's clear the only worry the Bride and Groom should have, is having fun. If there are family members being seated, we run through this as well.

What should I Expect?

1. To Be Instructed
on where to Seat or Stand, how to hold the Bouquets, do Readings, Guard & Provide Rings during the Ceremony, who will be Witnesses for the Marriage License, participate in Professional Photography time, and do toasts during the Reception.

2. Go over Ceremony Headings. There is no need to read everything, its just so the Bridal party knows what order things will be and so they are not distracted at the time their turn is up.

3. Practice Walking In & Out (Processional & Recessional) We will agree on the timing and space in between parties to walk and allow everyone to take their place before the bride enters. The bride shall enter once everybody is in place and the Officiant invites the guests to rise.

4. Practice the Hand-Off This is when the Bride and her escort practice the "Give Away the Bride" moment. If the Bride's father is giving her away, the Escort should give her a kiss and shake hands with the Groom. The Bride soon after will hand her bouquet to her Matron of Honor to hold both hands with the Groom during the Ceremony.

6. Repeat! Because practicing a few times will help everyone be more in control and not feel so nervous. This way everybody enjoys more the Day of the Wedding vs. overthinking what they are supposed to do.

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