Piñata Crafting Services FAQ

Thursday, January 02, 2020

How much does it cost?
Piñata prices start from $80 and up depending on the style, size and detail preferences.

How far in advanced should I order my Piñata?

Ideally anytime between 2 to 4 weeks prior to your event. Projects are completed by first come first served basis, so you want to ensure there is enough time to craft your Piñata.

What are Piñatas made from?
Piñatas are made with different materials depending on the style. Materials vary from 100% recycled cardboard, 100% recycled magazine paper, 100% recyclable poster boards, homemade and biodegradable Paper Mache paste, hot glue, wire to Quality Tissue paper.

Can you provide for a matching Piñata Stick and Rope?

Of course! For an additional $8 dlls you get a 48 long x 1 inch diameter matching stick, and 25 ft Long twisted polypropylene rope for $6.

Do I need to do anything else with the Piñata prior to the Party?

Yes! Although piñatas come fully assembled you still need to fill it up with fun treats for your guests.

Where can I hang my Piñata from to break it?
A very important aspect to look out for while choosing a spot to hang your Piñata, is that it can become dangerous if done so in inappropriate spaces and it can cause damage. It is best to do it outdoors and hang it from a strong structure or tree branch, and in an area where people can stand behind at a safe distance to avoid accidents.

Is there a safe practice to break a Piñata?
Have in mind Kids tend to get excited when the candy pops out, and will likely run to try to get it even when who ever is wacking the Piñata is still doing it. It is advised to set rules before to avoid anyone getting hurt.

Do you Ship Piñatas within the U. S ?
Unfortunately we do not ship Piñatas, we only offer this service to clients in the Metro Phoenix Area.

Want to see What your future Piñata can look like?

Below you can appreciate an oversize Christmas Piñata crafted for the 19th Annual Operation Santa Claus 2019 at Rockbar Inc in Old Town Scottsdale. This custom made Piñata was inspired by candy canes colors and measured 5 ft diameter.

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